Most Puissant Grand Master 2023


Most Excellent Grand High Priest; Right Eminent Grand Commander; Companions, ladies, family, and friends :I am truly honored and grateful to see all of you here today, celebrating this significant milestone in my Masonic journey. Your presence fills my heart with joy and appreciation. I humbly embrace the duties and responsibilities of this esteemed office.The past couple of years have presented us with challenges, most notably the pandemic that tested our resilience. However, I am pleased to report that we have persevered, and our efforts within York Rite Masonry have shown remarkable progress. Together, we have weathered the storm and now stand on the cusp of new
possibilities and growth.

With the advent of the new Blue Lodge Blue Wave initiative, I am confident that our York Rite bodies will flourish in the coming years. Our Grand Council and Chapter officers have a shared commitment to the expansion of our Rite. We understand this growth cannot be achieved in a year alone. Therefore, our long-range planning committee will explore our vision and chart a course for the next three years.
This year presents us with an opportunity to fortify our foundation.

We must ensure that each council has the necessary members to convene their assemblies. Additionally, we must refine our ritual and examine our communication practices at the Grand Council and Council levels. Open and effective communication is the cornerstone of our success.

I sincerely appreciate MP Companion James McNeely, whose guidance has been invaluable for the past two years. I am also grateful to Companion Bill Miller, who has been a constant source of support and will assist in ensuring the success of our Grand Council as I navigate through this important year. My heartfelt
thanks go to MP Companion Clyde Kayser for appointing me to the line and performing our officers’ installation. I would also like

to acknowledge MP Companion Chuck McCollum for his role as installing Marshal and MP Companion Bruce Bellmore for serving as installing Chaplain. To all our TIMs, Recorders, Treasures, and Grand Council Officers, I eagerly anticipate our Kick-off meeting on Saturday morning, August 26th, at the Masonic Temple in Stratford, CT. We shall commence at 8:00 am with coffee and donuts and will conclude our program by 11:00 am.

Lastly, I extend my deepest gratitude to all my friends and companions who have journeyed to be here for my installation today. Your presence demonstrates the strength of our bond and the support that underpins our Masonic community. I would also like to express my heartfelt appreciation to my wife, Donna. She has been my pillar of strength, best friend, and unwavering supporter. Without her encouragement and understanding, I could not pursue and cherish the Masonic path that brings me such profound fulfillment.

In conclusion, I stand before you with profound gratitude and eagerness to undertake the responsibilities bestowed upon me. Together, let us embrace this new chapter in our Masonic journey as we strive to strengthen our fraternity, uplift one another, and contribute to the flourishing of York Rite Masonry. Thank you all, once again, for your presence and support. May the Great Architect of the Universe guide and bless us on this noble path.

Darrin D. Silhavy