Most Puissant Grand Council
Of Royal & Select Masters

All Council are recessed in July and August
Unless otherwise noted, Councils meet in the
Masonic Hall at the address shown.

Wolcott 1     (7 Feb 1818)
York Masons Hall,
784 Main St,
East Hartford No Phone
2nd Tue 7:30
TIM   Jeffery A.  Flynn
REC  Eric H. Hoy

Montgomery 2     (14 Feb 1818)
375 Boston Post Rd (Rte 6),
N. Windham     No Phone
4th Tues except
Dec, Jan, Feb, Jun7:30 7:30
TIM   Gregory J. Messier
REC  Raymond C. Knieriem

Cushing 4     (7 Mar 1818)
15 Rt 165, Preston 860-889-4195
2nd Mon  After Chapter @ 7:30 pm
TIM  William E. Weisert II (04)
REC John A. Birdsall

Washington 6       (10 Apr 1818)
5 Gregory Blvd,
Norwalk No Phone
2nd Thu 8:30
TIM  James F.B. Wood
REC Charles A. McCollum

Harmony-Menunketuk 8(16 Oct 1818)
285 Whitney Avenue,
New Haven       No Phone
2nd Tue 7:30
TIM  Scott R. Atkins
REC Clyde W. Kayser, II

Hamilton 9     (23 Jul 1818)    2
35 Pleasant Street,
Meriden       No Phone
2nd Tue 7:30
TIM   Christian F. Schunmann
REC  Kristian Maiorino

Paugussett 16       (15 May 1827)
59 Broad Street,
Milford 203-874-9888
2nd Tue Feb, Apr, Jun, Oct, Dec 7:30
TIM   James Whitaker
REC  Charles A. McCollum

Charles A. McCollum Crawford 19      (13 May 1852)
Masonic Hall, 263 Center St.
West Haven No Phone
2nd Thur 7:30
TIM  Richard A. Eppler
REC William C. Lang

Buel 20   (12 May 1853)
26 Water Street,
Torrington    No Phone
2nd Thu 7:30
TIM   Mychael J. Scribner
REC  Clyde W. Kayser II

Suffield 23 (9 May 1870)
150 Bridge Street,
Suffield 860-668-2053
3rd Wed 7:30
TIM   Thomas A. Duclos
REC  Dale T. Cunningham

Lee 25 (9 May 1870)
123 River Road,
Collinsville 860-693-8762
1st Fri in Nov, Dec, Feb, Mar, Apr, May 7:30
TIM   Frederick J. Taft
REC  Patrick M. Kilby

Conn. Council of Anointed Kings
TIK   Michael E. Seamon
SCR  Richard A. Eppler
The next meeting of the Connecticut Council
of Anointed Kings will be in Meriden in May 2023

Conn. Council of Super Excellent Masters
TIM   James S. McNeely,IV,
REC  Charles A. McCollum
This special Council holds its annual meeting
in conjunction with the conferral of its degree.