(With Council Inspection Assignments)
Most Puissant Grand Master William E. Weisert II
R.I. Deputy Puissant Grand Master Michael D. Sabia Jr (06)
R.I. Gr Principal Conductor of Work Charles M. Jewart (01)
R.I. Grand TreasurerCharles A. McCollum (06),
R.I. Grand Recorder William L. Miller II, (01)
Ill. Grand Captain of the Guard (6,16,20) Scott R. Atkins (08),
Ill. Grand Conductor (1, 23, 25) Scott Daniels, Jr. (04),
Ill. Grand Steward ( 2, 4) Eric H. Hoy (01)
Ill. Grand Sentinel ( 8, 9, 19) Daniel M. Luft (09),
Ill. Grand Marshal Ryan Snide (02)
Ill. Grand Chaplain Edward Varjabedian (01),
Ill. Assistant Grand Chaplain Arnold S. Grot (01)
Ill. Assistant Grand Chaplain Bruce R. Bellmore (08)
Ill. Grand Historian Martin Ede (08)
R.I. Grand Recorder Emeritus & Asst Charles B. Fowler Jr (01),
R.I. Assistant Grand Treasurer Scott T. Sherrick (35)
R.I. Assistant Grand Recorder Charles B. Fowler Jr, (01),

Term Expires June 2025 Charles D. O’Neill (06)
Term Expires June 2026 Paul L. Chello (19,36),
Term Expires June 2027 Scott T. Sherrick (35)